Immediately before my first listen of this album, I’d been suffering through a few songs from an album recommended to me by a friend (both the album and the friend shall remain nameless). This transition could explain why I was sold from the very first track on Bear in Heaven’s sophomore album “I Love You, It’s Cool.” I mean, what is there not to love about a Brooklyn based trio making atmospheric pop that evokes an 80’s prom?

The first three tracks of the album lull you into a comfortable and ambient haze. In fact, it seems possible that you might fail to realize you had listened to multiple songs until “Sinful Love” comes on the scene with its danceable cymbal beat. It seems as though the album was meant to be heard as one entity without too much distinction between songs.  This is a highly enjoyable sort of mood album that one can listen to without paying too much attention. “I Love You, It’s Cool” provides a great backdrop for exercising, working, reading, dancing and – most of all – picturing Molly Ringwald in a pink dress walking into a crepe-papered gym.


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