The Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair

The streets of Ann Arbor seem to sweat art in the month of July. Many locals I know claim to despise Art Fair in the same way that we despise Hash Bash for bringing out masses of non-Ann Arborites. But how can you not secretly ...
by Ellen Kortesoja


Rock, Reading and Writing – S’Mittenfest!

20 bands, three stages, one great cause More people needed to experience Mittenfest. Last year’s annual end-of-year music festival spanned five days and stirred a surge of good cheer and charity. The scene’s camaraderie chu...
by Jeff Milo


A2 Summer Festival

Ann Arbor Summer Festival + Artist Interviews

In the summertime the city of Ann Arbor seems to be awash in festivals. Where once was a desolate land with only the occasional cool show for sustenance now thrives a riot of music, art, food and fun. The Ann Arbor Summer Festi...
by Jasmine Zweifler

Cinetopia LASTING

Cinema Comes Alive at the Cinetopia International Film Festival

If you’re anything like me when it comes to “art house” cinema, you’ll peruse the film ‘zines during your normal daily routine: your /film, Pajiba, FirstShowing, THR, Box Office Mojos of the world and think “That lo...
by Drew Waller


Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Pathetic Sounds of Detroit

The camaraderie is undeniable. Bands working together and supporting each other – there’s such a strong sense of community. I know you’ve heard that touchy-feely refrain in lots of write-ups in zines covering local scene,...
by Jeff Milo



Ypsiarboroo 2013

Every year in early June, like the swallows of Capistrano, so descends the profound craziness that is Ypsiarboroo. This annual bacchanal is coincident with organizer/gadabout Christopher “Chewy” Anderson’s birthday, and t...
by Jasmine Zweifler

Sonic Lunch

Sonic Lunch | New Menu, Same Great Taste

Serendipity is a beautiful thing, dear readers. So you can imagine my delight when looking hungrily over this year’s Sonic Lunch lineup that I saw Martha Reeves and the Vandellas would be opening the season. Their monster hit...
by Jasmine Zweifler



42nd Annual Hash Bash

Cultural norms change as tradition maintains Pasadena has the Tournament of Roses Parade, New Orleans has Mardi Gras and Ann Arbor has Hash Bash. Legend says that it started as an April Fool’s prank. There were rumors of free...
by Ross Huff



David Sedaris at Hill Auditorium

David Sedaris is a thoroughly modern man, making his way in a style more befitting a well-known personality about 100 years ago. Sedaris has become a household name by writing books rather than tweets and by appearing on the ra...
by Jasmine Zweifler


Record Store Day 2013

Records – you either get them or you don’t. You either spend late nights engaged in bidding wars over limited pressings of beloved albums or you would rather listen to music on your phone. If you are a member of the former ...
by Jasmine Zweifler