Adventures at Lollapalooza 2012 with Bruno Postigo

On a long train ride back to Ann Arbor, our resident photographer and seasoned festival pro, Bruno Postigo, wrote a review of his experience that was Lollapalooza. Over the three day extravaganza, Bruno shot some of the world&#...
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Movement 2012 // Day III



4th Annual Ford Lake Frozen Leap [Photos]

You could say we made it rain for SOS Community Services, but given the fact it was below zero with the windchill, we just made it snow. With everyone’s extremely hard work we were able to reach a total $10,300 fundraised...

Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Folk the Police

Folk the Police was the culmination of what was quite a folking weekend. Being there and experiencing it is one thing, but trying to explain Nathan K covering Eminem is quite another. Or being caught in the middle of an east co...


Ann Arbor Folk Festival – Devotchka [Photos]

With an incredibly unique sound, Devotchka blew us away. An almost hispanic sounding rhythm mixed in with a plethora of instruments including an accordion, violin, tuba and some things we’ve never even seen, Devotchka d...
by Bruno Postigo



Ann Arbor Folk Festival – Dawes [Photos]

Dawes put on a great, but albeit too short of a set. We could’ve listened to them play for at least another hour or two. They were the more “poppy” band on the bill and it showed with the elders swaying back a...
by Bruno Postigo


by Bruno Postigo