Peninsular Place


Drunken Barn Dance photo by Doug Coombe

Drunken Barn Dance, Poised to Let Loose

Scott Sellwood is inspired by everything that goes into the “violent burst” of a soccer game. Asked to list recent inspirations, sure, he notes a few folk-rock essentials like John Prine, but he admits to getting a kick out...
by Jeff Milo

Misty Lyn photo by Doug Coombe

Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful

If you were to fish the internet for tunes by Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful, you’d find plenty from their debut album, “For The Dead.” And, chances are, you’d love it for the moving lyrics and folk-y, Americana sound....
by Treasure Groh


Art by Carolyn Garay

Carolyn Garay

The Ann Arbor Art Fair has been the showcase for Michigan artists for decades, and Carolyn Garay is a relative newcomer to the party. Her Washtenaw County cred is impeccable with diplomas from both Pioneer High and Eastern Mich...
by Jasmine Zweifler


Skeleton Birds

Building their wings mid-flight Wherever there are great bands, there are great unknown bands. It’s a full-time hobby, keeping track of all the sounds being generated between Detroit and Ann Arbor, and it’s easiest to let w...
by Paul Kitti


Ann Arbor Summer Festival