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June 7, 2012

Feist at The Power Center [Review]

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Written by: mispy_admin
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I’ve been racking my brain to try and formulate the proper words to describe Feist’s incredible performance Tuesday night at The Power Center, however I keep running into the same thought; Feist is a legitimate bad ass.

Heading into the show, my expectations were set out to relax, sway a bit, hum along as if I didn’t know the words to her hits and pretty much lul myself to sleep. While I was really looking forward to seeing The Low Anthem, Feist was more for my lady friend. Little did I know…

We arrived 2 songs into The Low Anthem’s set and was really getting into it when all of a sudden, the fire alarms went off and we had to evacuate the building. I could insert a numerous amount of puns and clever “mock headlines” here (The Low Anthem were so hot they literally started a fire). But I’ll refrain. Besides in full disclosure, I’m fairly certain the 3 wicken-like back up singers that rocked Feist’s set were probably doing some kind of seance and started the whole thing. Anyways, for the couple songs we heard, The Low Anthem was great, as expected.

From the second Feist came on stage, we (the audience) were all hers. She set the tone early and never quit. To set the mood, she had a huge backdrop which transitioned from abstract paintings through various cameras set up throughout the stage. It reminded me of  a 70′s variety show meeting Viddy and doing a little dance. She came out and absolutely rocked the place, surprising most who’d never seen her before. Her vocals were of course undeniably unique and had the sound of perfection.

Her set consisted mostly of tracks from her newest album “Metals”, which, in case you forgot, was listed in our

 Top 30 Albums of 2011. Memorable songs that will stick out in my imagination for a while were The Bad in Each Other, Graveyard, a Commotion and the way in which she remixed her hits. She had a synth next her with a side mic and she used it much like a dj would to distort sounds and her vocals. It was really cool and completely unexpected.

While it took Feist basically to do everything but beg the crowd to sing and dance along, people started moving and even got to go up on stage and danced during her encore. There were some of those who didn’t seem to care about the seating, the black room and not being able to comfortably do anything and those party animals were behind me. They were great and what I expected the whole crowd to be. Pee? You better hold it. This was really the only downfall of the evening, Ann Arbor…lighten up! But I digress, that’s another post entirely.

To echo my sediments from the opening, Feist is a badass and I’m definitely going to see her next time she plays the mitten. For those of you braving the Tennessee heat at Bonaroo, enjoy and do not miss her set.

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