I could empty my entire bag of genre terms all over this review and still not communicate exactly what this new beast from Miike Snow is. Most often referred to as an electro-pop outfit, these Swedish studio nerds have lent their hands to a variety of projects, including Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” some material for Madonna and Swedish hip-hop. That production savvy shines in their second proper album “Happy to You.”

Like their name, it’s cool and a little peculiar, an amusement park of sounds where you’re sure to discover something new with each visit. Echoes of Vampire Weekend and Gorillaz bounce through its 12 tracks, which are danceable and often melancholic indie-pop hybrids sticky with a thick coat of electronic production. Andrew Wyatt is the voice of Miike Snow, delivering enigmatic lyrics in a haunting but inviting style. Only problem is, it often feels like the intense studio touches are threatening to overwhelm his softer indie-tailored vocals. That disconnect – between the listener and the lyrics, between the vocals and sky-bound production – makes this album a fun but emotionless ride. There are songs that get everything right, such as “Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)” and “God Help This Divorce,” but most of the time I found myself wondering what could be if the indie-vocal stakes were pulled and the sonic atmospheres Miike Snow seems to be constantly reaching for became the new limit. But such tradeoffs are frustrating – what would “Toxic” have become without Britney Spears?

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