After George and Linda (Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston) find themselves on hard-times and are forced to move in with George’s brother in Atlanta, they inadvertently stumble upon a hippie commune posing as a roadside bed and breakfast.  When things don’t work out in Atlanta, they decide to return to the commune and give life as bohemians a shot.  What starts off a dream scenario full of hallucinogenic tea, vegan fare and free love quickly turns into a nightmare when George and Linda find that commune life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Packed full of all your favorite Judd Apatow-production regulars, Wanderlust is pretty much exactly what you’d expect: slightly stupid, awkwardly funny and more than just a little raunchy. Standout performances from Justin Theroux and Joe Lo Truglio (whose nudist character might show you a little more than you wish) make this somewhat predictable story funnier than it would have been otherwise. Aniston exercises her comedic chops adequately, and Paul Rudd is the same smartly-sarcastic everyman that has made him one of the most consistently funny actors today.  No, it doesn’t break the mold as it goes after the same hippie-humor clichés that have been done before, but Wanderlust delivers at least enough to make it worth the eight bucks.


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