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The Juliets’ Perfect Season

Punk, Pop and Cellos Jeremy Freer of The Juliets talks about “Perfect Season,” the band’s harder-edged new album, the upcoming release party at Woodruff’s and reclaiming what it means to be pop. While bands with deep ro...
by David Nassar


Lupe Fiasco

Hip hop’s Lupe Fiasco has grown a legion of underground fans that are ready to start an uprising. This uprising continues when the Generation LASER tour hits the EMU Convocation Center on Saturday, November 5. Lupe Fiasco is ...
by iSPY Team


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Setting Pace with Ghostly International

I was so enthralled in my discussion with Sam Valenti IV and Jeremy Peters of Ghostly International that I forgot to ask where the name came from. But considering the Ann Arbor-based record label’s eerily polished taste in mu...
by Paul Kitti



Musician, Student and Environmentalist

Vienna Teng on working at Facebook to playing on The Late Show with David Letterman Growing up, Cynthia Yih Shih (or Vienna Teng, as she is better known), was an imaginative little girl who wrote songs about topics like the rol...
by Amanda Slater

“I think a lot of the popularity of [folk and bluegrass music] in this area has to do with the whole localism and organic movement, and I think acoustic music kind of goes hand-in-hand with that.  People are anxious just to take it back to the roots.”

Home Sweet Home

Dragon Wagon Rolls Back Home after a Summer on the Road In a time when rock n’ roll is on life-support and pop music still dominates the radio, it seems that roots and bluegrass music has had new life breathed into it in rece...
by David Nassar


Bank of Ann Arbor

Getting Some with John of Peter Bjorn and John

For those unfamiliar with Peter Bjorn and John, here are the quick facts: They are a Swedish indie rock band, at least, that’s as close as I can get to compartmentalizing their sound. There are actually three members, but I g...
by Amanda Slater


Photo by John Ricard, 917 848 4197

Looking Forward with Royce Da 5’9”

Royce talks about his feud with Eminem and how past challenges have propelled his current success If anyone deserves to be having a successful 2011, it’s Royce Da 5’9”. Over the past 12 years, the Detroit rapper has been ...
by Paul Kitti


Painting Words with DJ Graffiti

While some artists dream of making it big as an emcee or producer, there are also those, like Ann Arbor’s DJ Graffiti, who have aspirations well beyond seeing their name in lights. Martin Smith, better known as DJ Graffiti, h...
by David Nassar


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