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January 2, 2012

Mittenfest VI // The Hounds Below [Video]

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Jack & The Bear

On a cool evening in middle October, the seven members of Jack & the Bear settled at a cozy wooden table inside B-24 Espresso Bar. Sipping large mugs of coffee and sharing cookies, Brandon James, Adam Schreiber, Evan Close,...
by Treasure Groh

ispyblog 10-9

“Collective Folk Art” – Boss Radio / Sagittronics / Vagrant Symphony

Duende… This Detroit-based quartet experiments with strange brews of un-psyche, dysfolk-ian, blues-stung honky-tonk; a reassembling of strutting rock styles jettisoning into lysergic-hinted lift-offs yet still muddied with a ...
by Jeff Milo


Ypsifest #8

YpsiFest isn’t out to be self-congratulatory – no, it’s out to be a summit, a meeting of distanced musical minds, a bridge! This will be three days of live (loud) music, Michigan music, in Depot Town, meant not so much to...
by Jeff Milo



Detropia Premier (Soundtrack) + Congress’ Maker

Two things this week: ONE: Detropia is a surreal insight into the accelerated depletion of Detroit, in manufacturing, financing, and in population, directed by the Oscar-nominated creators of Jesus Camp, exploring what the Moto...
by Jeff Milo

Peninsular Place

The Paper Sound / Eleanora / Ypsi Flea # 4

Patience is rewarded, more often than not. Detroit-area guitar-glorifiers the Paper Sound’s debut album dropped back in 2005, a curious and somewhat erratic time in the music world where electro-heavy M83/LCD/Animal Collectiv...
by Jeff Milo



The Buzz: September

Frontier Ruckus // The Ark & The Crofoot / Sept. 6 & 7 by Paul Kitti A VHS tape of “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” (anyone?) on their homepage is just one of countless reasons to love this folk rock band from ou...
by iSPY Team

The Last Word - by Kristin Slater

The Last Word

Comfortably hidden below LIVE in the spot that used to house Goodnite Gracie’s in Ann Arbor, The Last Word bar opened quietly about six months ago. Their updated yet understated approach to nightlife compliments the almost an...
by Stefanie Stauffer

Kelly Klever Massage


Music Makers // Congress – Shigeto – SelfSays and Buffay, too

I’m indoors cuz I can’t go out… Actually, I can’t get out. Over here in metro Detroit, the indomitable/abominable Woodward Dream Cruise is currently slugging through our main vein of transportation, with pop-up carnival...
by Jeff Milo

In Fact - Photo by Whitney Kane

In Fact’s First Tracks – New Ypsi-Electronica – New E.P. (First show: 8.15.12)

What is it about atmospheric electronica? Trancey trip-hop… Intricately layered, glitch-adorned, synth-swirled dream-pop… Brings out the moon, stars and the mystery inherent to faint luminance, to fluorescence glowing o...
by Jeff Milo


Adventures at Lollapalooza 2012 with Bruno Postigo

On a long train ride back to Ann Arbor, our resident photographer and seasoned festival pro, Bruno Postigo, wrote a review of his experience that was Lollapalooza. Over the three day extravaganza, Bruno shot some of the world&#...
by mispy_admin