iSPY something to do in Washtenaw County
July 23, 2011 9:21 pm



TweetMy closet geek exposed by Google’s best service yet. by Tim Adkins Let me preface this by letting you in on a secret. I love Google. Their products have practically single handedly driven my business the past couple years. Gmail, Docs, Calendar, YouTube, Maps …I could go on, but all have been influential. As a [...]

The Dish-Real Seafood Company

Tweetby Amanda Slater Dining at Real Seafood Company in Ann Arbor is always a pleasant experience. From the relaxing atmosphere to the fantastic food, every time I leave Real Seafood, I’m already looking forward to my next visit. My most recent experience at the restaurant was on a warm Saturday night, during which I was [...]

The Weekend That Was, Electric Forest


TweetMy experience at Electric Forest Review and Photos by Bruno Postigo Society follows established rules and norms that the population abides to, but sometimes deviancy occurs and it’s usually in the form of music festivals; Electric Forest is one of the wildest ones. Focusing on the experience more than the music, it was obvious the [...]

Rate It – Sounds


TweetArtist: My Morning Jacket Album: Circuital Tower Rating: 4 out of 5 Review by Aimee Mandle With five albums behind them, My Morning Jacket has explored numerous stylistic avenues. They have dabbled in reggae, folk, rock, and their specialty – head boppin’, jam-out tunes. With no one genre to call their own, they are an [...]

Rate It – The Cut


TweetFilm: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Tower Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Review by Paul Kitti The film poster for “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” hanging in the lobby of The State Theater, depicts a smiling Morgan Spurlock clothed entirely in advertisements. Hotels, beverage companies, automobile manufacturers, clothing lines and airline companies have their logos [...]

Music Lovers Warm to Barnstormer


TweetDaytrotter’s Barnstormer Tour Brings Hot Bands to a Cold Barn by Mary Simkins The Dexter, Michigan leg of Daytrotter’s fourth annual Barnstormer concert series set a few records. It was the first time the five-day barn tour had come to Michigan, it was the first sold- out night of the tour, and, as Romeny Rye [...]

Mi Ami, Terrible Twos and Skate Laws


TweetBy Bruno Postigo Most of the time, I’m usually not caught off guard when it comes to live shows. However, Mi Ami took me by surprise, and they didn’t let me down. The show at the Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor featured Mi Ami, Terrible Twos, Skate Laws, and two DJ’s Relaxer and Forest Juziuk. [...]

Push to Talk: HeyTell vs Tikl


TweetKick Some App by Tim Adkins Remember five years ago how cool it was to have a Nextel so you could Push to Talk (PTT) and walkie-talk it up with your buds? Remember how you needed a backpack to lug it around because your Nextel was built to withstand any and all possible damage? And [...]

Kick Some App: Instagram


Tweet5 out of 5 Water Towers by Tim Adkins We love our iPhones, and, with the recent launch of the Verizon iPhone, we can actually use them to make andreceive calls. But, if you’re like me, you use your iPhone more for taking and sharing pictures and videos than you do for calling and texting. [...]

New Issue Arrives Monday

Photo Feb 17, 3 13 28 PM

TweetAs February slowly creeps into March, it was another fun and busy month here at iSPY. We killed it at the FordLake Frozen Leap, Friday night at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival was crazy good, EMU men’s and women’s basketball is getting ready for the MAC and potentially the NCAA tournaments and we got the [...]

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