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August 13, 2012

In Fact’s First Tracks – New Ypsi-Electronica – New E.P. (First show: 8.15.12)

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Written by: Jeff Milo
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In Fact - Photo by Whitney Kane

What is it about atmospheric electronica? Trancey trip-hop… Intricately layered, glitch-adorned, synth-swirled dream-pop… Brings out the moon, stars and the mystery inherent to faint luminance, to fluorescence glowing out into the natural darkness, here we are—awake, so late and swaying to a beat…

Music for the night: fuzzed-out synthesizers and whirring bass grooves, echoing cymbals and woozy chimes, clatter-smash percussion and silky vocals furling a fine looping melody – doesn’t matter how sunny it is out there, you put this on your headphones and the lights seemingly dim, synthetic-crickets start chirping beneath the neon foliage you’ve just shuffled-past as you elude the discouraging backyard party of romping self-destructive 20-something’s-in-denail and slip into the sanctuary of your rusty Chevy coupe, humming off meditatively into the star-dotted night, no one else out on the road, cranking that cathartic roar of bass and sighing at the soft brush of those dulcet-toned singer’s serenades. (Sorry about that; I’ve been reading a lot of Ray Bradbury lately and maybe it’s showing…) But anyways:

New band. New Recordings. First Show. (August 15th @ Woodruff’s). That’s a rare chance for you to be the one to say, later on, that:

“I was there…”

~In Fact~

Take Crystal Castles without the snarl

Or Sleigh Bells without the obnoxious auxiliaries

Take Ladytron without the kitsch

Or Portishead without the lull

Add in a cameo from Detroit MC SelfSays and you’ve got an impressive lead single:

Ypsi’s In Fact’s been crafting a more cerebral, pensive presentation of dance-pop for their debut E.P. (which came out last month). The eddy of electronic-textures affects the dizzy dance-trance aesthetic but those lyrics, delivered with such beauty through the honeyed haze of singer Brittany Willis, are longing for a quieter escape, soft, solicitous, music to muse to, music to come/down, come-home, or just come-back to… (But of course, there’s the almost-rockin’, dark-electronica grooves of “When I’m Drunk”’s satirical strut.)

Dazzling arrangements are on display on this debut, blended by Joel Skene (heretofore known for dabblings in indie-rock/airy-psyche-folk/power-pop realms with Team Ethic and Fields of Industry), showing a keen sense for layering a swarm of nuanced electro-timbres and keeping the compositions footing as different tones and elements slide into/onto each other like tectonic plates.

Neo-trip-hop for the next class of Ypsi music. They have a show slated for August 15th at Woodruff’s with a line-up still-coming-together as we go to print.

You can find their EP here –

The quartet (with MV Edwards and Del Belcher) already have another-E.P.’s-worth of new (“poppier”) material, but are likely to wait a bit so as to double-that to complete a full length album.

Stay tuned.

More info:

*In Fact – Photo by Whitney Kane

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