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May 24, 2011

Mad Hatter


by Dwight Thomas
Photos by Bruno Postigo
The royal wedding was unmistakably the most supreme hat watching event of the year, and I, for one, was not dissatisfied, to say the least—though there was a blunder or two. Beatrice’s whimsical royal-topper got a good deal of harsh press online. However, the headpiece is being auctioned off on Ebay for charity. (Good for you, Beatrice!)

Disaster or not, I believe that the Brits’ hat-loving-ways will have an impact on culture on the other side of the pond, influencing Americans to begin wearing more unique headgear as a finishing touch that brings personality and flavor to any outfit. Headpieces (such as the ones seen here) are generally known as fascinators, which were all the rage in the 60′s and usually were made of a fine, lacy head covering and worn on numerous occasions—just like any other accessory. The look gradually fell by the wayside in the 70′s. Now, unless you have been to a church service with grandma and her gal pals in the past 50 years or have been to a premium horse-racing event, these hats have had absolutely no part of our generation’s existence …until now, and I have an inkling that we haven’t seen the last of these brimless beauties.

Model Andi maintains a fashion identity by wearing amazing, one-of-a-kind fascinators — which, while not necessarily vintage pieces, promote a vintage aesthetic and a true style opportunity—only found at Thomas Blondi Salon in Ypsilanti.

Photography:Bruno Postigo
Hair:Dwight Thomas
Make-up: Kimberlie Nada
Hats by:Brianna Kenyon


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Tim Adkins
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