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December 26, 2011

Folk the Police!


A Folk Tribute to Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap

You know those posters you see plastered all around Ann Arbor and Ypsi advertising some awesome night of music or another? I always get excited and tell myself I’ll remember – and I never do.  But last year when I saw a poster advertising a night of “folk artists covering hip hop songs at the Blind Pig” I did something I had never done before – made an actual note of the day to ensure I attended. The concept of the evening was hilarious and original, and I couldn’t see how it would fail.

The brain child of Ann Arbor’s 107.1 DJ Matthew Altruda, the night is a folk music tribute to hip-hop. The artists of the first annual Folk the Police fully embraced and ran with their assignments – and  last year’s event was a huge success. There’s always that moment when you realize what song the artist is covering, and the juxtaposition of genres makes for a truly unique listening experience.

This year’s lineup features Jamie Register, Dragon Wagon, Rootstand, The Appleseed Collective, Back Forty, Heroes on Parade and Nathan K – just to name a few. Once everyone has played their two classic hip hop covers, it’s time for “Good n’ Gangster,” featuring Chris Good, Brennan Andes and Michael Anne Erlewine. The last band of the evening, Tree City, will be reversing folk music to hip hop.

Not only does a folk tribute to hip hop make for some serious belly laughs, but the slowed-down, souled-up renditions bring a new meaning to the original songs. The night also serves to bring attention to fantastic local musicians, and the two-song limit allows for more artists throughout the night than a typical concert. If last year’s Folk the Police was any indication, then the second incarnation is not to be missed.

The Second Annual Folk the Police at the Blind Pig is at 8 p.m. on January 29, 2011.  Mark your planners – I already did.

Folk the Police will be hosted by Matthew Altruda, host of Tree Town Sound, and will kick off at 8 p.m. on January 29, 2012 at the Blind Pig. Tickets are $10. For tickets or more information on the YouTube contest and ticket prices, visit or find “Folk the Police” on Facebook.


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Ford Lake Frozen Leap


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