Step into the Bright

Mar 23 2011 in Style by Tim Adkins (admin)

Key element: One bold, solid color with white

by Dwight Thomas

In the wake of spring, winter’s morbid tones of ashy whites and cool shades of grey have surrounded us for what feels like decades. For months, the only colors that emerged were the red in our frosted cheeks and the purple of our chattering lips. That is why I, for one, anxiously await the birth of spring’s green fabric beneath my feet. And what better way is there to celebrate spring’s approach than with exhilarating color?

I’ll be honest—I found this a difficult task because I’m so fond of wearing black from head to toe (I’m a hairdresser down to my bones), but I would never talk the talk without walking the walk. I rummaged through my closet, pulling out any and all non-black items (there were only two that lived amongst their inky counterparts—a navy cardigan and an eggplant button down). Even my “colors” lacked the injection of energy I so desired, but my color excursion would not be ceased.

I journeyed to the mall, and, by the end of my shopping trip—amongst bags of yet more dark clothes (you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!)—my feet were delighted by an electric blue pair of sneakers! It’s a small change, I know, but it was enough to get me started.

Key elements: Bold, solid colors (no prints), shoe/dress/belt all different hues

So, if this is a new avenue for you, as it was for me, I urge you to step into the bright colors of the season with jewelry, makeup or shoes! And if you have the attitude to pull off a head-to-toe statement like the ones seen here, so be it! You can’t go wrong so as long as you have fun—after all, that’s what fashion is all about.

Be bold and bright this spring with electric hues that mark the end to gloomy days with a dazzling array of color.

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