So, you’ve got some questions about iSPY’s Living Local? Good, we’ve got some answers for you. If for some reason your question isn’t listed or you want further information, too bad…just kidding! Email us at: [email protected]

How do I list my stuff on Living Local?

First, fill out the vendor application. Once approved, you can then start adding products. Your shop will have it’s own unique url – where all of your products will be listed.

How long does it take to list an item?

Once you’ve completed the Add Products form, give us 24-72 hours to have it live on the site. Depending on how many products are pending at the time you list, will differentiate the wait time. You remember Ace Venture? He said, “If I’m not back in ten minutes, just wait longer.” It’s kind of like that.

Who can list stuff on Living Local?

Living Local is kind of like an online farmer’s market or art fair. The whole point is to help the local Michiganders out, specifically those in the Ann Arbor area. However, if you’re in Detroit, Traverse City, Kalamazoo or Podunk Michigan, you can list your stuff too. You’re from Ohio? I’m sorry, no really, sorry to hear you live in Ohio. You can’t list your stuff here.

What items can I list? 

Have a look at our shop categories. If you don’t fall somewhere in there, let us know and we’ll add it. Generally we’re trying to keep things in groups, as ambiguous as they may be for your benefit and ours.

How much does it cost?

Good question. iSPY charges $1 per item listed (not the quantity, the actual item) and 10% of whatever is sold. We process payments through PayPal and they generally charge 2.5-3.5%. So, let’s say you list 1 digital download with 50 downloads available for your band with the price of $10. We’ll charge $1, for the listing and another $1 for the 10% of $10. PayPal will charge their normal transaction fee. You get the rest.

Why does iSPY charge per listing and 10%?

Another good question and to answer your question with a question, why do you charge at all for your stuff? Oh, to make money or at the very least, not to lose money. Right? Well, same thing for us. We’ve gotta pay some guy or girl (you’ll never know) to list your stuff and manage the accounts so if something comes up, we’re here for you. Plus, we’re another local business, like yourself. We’re supporting each other, that’s how it should be.

How do I sign up to buy stuff?

Just register with iSPY and you’re all set. We’ve gotta verify you’re a real human being before taking your money.

What iSPY’s Privacy Policy?

You know nobody reads those right? Well, if you’re oh so inclined, here’s our Privacy Policy. If you want the short version: iSPY nor our mother ship (Pakmode Media + Marketing) will ever sell your info. It’s ours to keep. We can take your stuff down whenever we’d like. iSPY is just a platform, a bridge if you will, to put buyers in touch with sellers; meaning, we are not liable for anything. The seller is responsible for actually getting you the goods you purchased. However, we’re here to help and if a seller has multiple, legitimate complaints, we’ll remove them from Living Local.