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clouded staircase

A re-review of 2006/2008’s Clouded Staircase…and a coy chin-scratched pondering-aloud of what’s-to-come…

Starling Electric was recharged into live performances about one year ago. It was Autumn 2011 and it was essentially the five-year anniversary of the Ann Arbor art-pop quartet’s independent release of Clouded Staircase (…a ...
by Jeff Milo


Girls, Man + Chris goes back to the Cocoon ?

How many pop-songs are inspired by girls? Probably impossible to count… From the Beatles to Weezer, Chuck Berry to Bon Iver, there’s infinite inspiration for any heavyhearted roses-are-red-type-boy when he starts musing upo...
by Jeff Milo


Lightning Love, Ann Arbor, 7/25/12 by Doug Coombe

Lightning Love: Anxious. Awkward. Catchy. Magical. Blondes on the “Blonde Album.”

Alright, get ready. Leah Diehl had to pump herself up when the phone rang. She was anxious. Her band, Ypsi’s own Lightning Love, have their second full length release, “Blonde Album,” coming out and she’s battening her ...
by Jeff Milo


7.26.12 Sonic Lunch // Mayor Hawthorne & The County

*Note tomorrow’s Sonic Lunch has moved from Liberty Plaza to the Michigan Theater. Doors open at 10:30 a.m. and the first 1,700 people will be guaranteed in.  Bank of Ann Arbor is bringing R&B/hip-hop artist Mayor Ha...
by Jenn Sibert


Kelly Klever Massage

Tangents with Johnny Headband, (pre-)-Party Night: Power, Performance, Sound, Fury, all of that…

I want to tell you something, something heartfelt, something potentially cheesy-sounding, about the power of music. Particularly the power of live music. Or maybe just the power of musicians’ firing on all cylinders. The powe...
by Jeff Milo



Re-rise and Shine-on… Lightning Love’s new EP

It’s a big deal, yeah, but it might also be kind of a preface. Songs about sleeping, waking up, getting up and getting out, this could just be the start (or the re-start).Lightning Love’s new EP (out in two weeks, properl...
by Jeff Milo



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