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January 11, 2011


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It’s simple, ‘A Day in the Life’ is a music series that’s recorded in an intimate setting with an iPhone. No microphones, no light kits, just the artist and their music in a natural environment.

Formerly known as Mahoney, iamdynamite is made up of the Chris’s (Martin and Phillips). Together they put together one of the best live performances these ears have heard. Having recently moved to North Carolina, they were in town passing through in between a show in Grand Rapids and Detroit and volunteered to shoot for A Day in the Life. The last song was played on Cross St. in Depot Town at a random piano that was on the sidewalk.

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milo music

Why I Write About Music

“BLOOOOZE ex-SPLO-zhun!!!….Man of my nature always got the trip!” Jon Spencer… This guy, not even 6 ft tall, and what, he must be 50 by now, lightning in leather, this sleek slithery sanctifier speckled with sweat s...
by Jeff Milo

The Last Word - by Kristin Slater

The Last Word

Comfortably hidden below LIVE in the spot that used to house Goodnite Gracie’s in Ann Arbor, The Last Word bar opened quietly about six months ago. Their updated yet understated approach to nightlife compliments the almost an...
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8.9.12 Sonic Lunch // Seth Bernard & May Erlewine – [Moved to The Ark]

From the roots of Michigan music to Bank of Ann Arbor’s Sonic Lunch comes songwriter duo Seth Bernard and May Erlewine. After having each established independent careers, the pair came together six years ago to create a combi...
by Jenn Sibert


The Appleseed Collective

The Buzz: August

Coldplay // The Palace / Aug. 1 by Mary Simkins Exciting news, everybody! British rock sensations Starfish will be coming to Michigan soon! Oh, you’ve never heard of Starfish? That might be because they changed their name t...
by iSPY Team

Peninsular Place

34th Annual Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Celebrating the diverse cultural history of our great city, the 34th Annual Ypsilanti Heritage Festival hits the shores of Riverside Park August 17 – 19. This year’s festival includes all the great traditions we’ve come t...
by David Nassar



MichFork: Mittenfest, Loose Joints and some Lightning Love

I tell myself: it only feels like everyone’s in Chicago. It’s Saturday as I write this. I can see it: a sea of tied-dye and ironic animal-themed cotton T’s, bulbous sunglasses masking faces burnt by July’s rays, their t...
by Jeff Milo

Kelly Klever Massage


Summer Beer Fest

Ypsi’s favorite festival turns 15 As temperatures rise and summer sets in on Yspi, those two magical words seem to follow me everywhere I go. Can you hear them? That’s right, I’m talkin’ about BEER FEST! July in Yps...
by David Nassar


Adventures in Local Food #17

It’s Grow Time The best time of year for local food is upon us again in Washtenaw County: farmer’s market season! The first week of May will see most of our local farmer’s markets opening again, with the Downtown Ypsi...
by Stefanie Stauffer


When I Die I’m Gonna Go To Detroit…

Everything, every engagement or project, this week, around Detroit anyway, is spoken of in terms of :after Blowout… “Oh, yeah, that, …been meaning to get to that, …(or), we’ll meet up and figure that out / talk that o...
by Jeff Milo




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