Grammy nominees Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwayne have been gaining fame as the band Mumford and Sons since the widespread success of their previous album, “Sigh No More.” If I had to describe the latest project from the London-based quartet in one word, it would be “heavy.” These guys don’t mess around – from their first (and title) track “Babel” onward, it’s all meaning-rife lyrics paired with some serious strumming. I’m a fan of songs with lyrics that make you think married to music that cheers you up – that rare state of being seems to have become Mumford and Sons’ specialty.

Songs like “I Will Wait” showcase the band’s impressive command of their various vocal talents, with harmonization as much a part of the track’s success as the fast-paced strings and meandering poetics.

Then there are tracks like “Holland Road” that start out quiet and unassuming, only to crescendo into an energetic plea for redemption. That isn’t to say that the guys are rocking out the whole time. “Ghosts That We Knew” slows things down into a somber-yet-uplifting vibe. Each individual track on the album has its strengths – but I think my favorites are “Lover of the Light” and “Not With Haste.”

Fans of “Sigh No More” needn’t worry that the new album won’t measure up – in fact, I’m going to go ahead and say it exceeds expectations on every count. If you’re looking for a new soundtrack to this chilly and gray fall, you’re all set.

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