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“But thaaaat’s my life…” Neil Hamburger at the Lager House Tonight (9.18)

I usually write about music, but this is different. Neil Hamburger is different. One of his routines, a live recording, came on the comedy-station on my satellite radio the other day (he’s a stand-up comic y’see) and you’...
by Jeff Milo


Christopher Norman

Ann Arbor’s Christopher Norman is a busy man. Recently, he won a spot to play for the Folk the Police festival, remixed one of our favorite DJ’s Chrome Sparks as well as Metric and has played all the bigger venues throughou...
by Ian Cruz



Chrome Sparks

Jeremy Malvin was once just a student who goes to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Well, actually, he still is. But now he is also a techno DJ known as Chrome Sparks. Chrome Sparks is a techno / indie artist whose beats...
by Ian Cruz

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