We’re raising money for local bands and we need your help!

Beginning in June, we’re launching an IndieGoGo campaign where we’re asking you, the fan, to support and back our campaign to fund bands throughout the summer as part of the iSPY Magazine Scene Series. Three shows, one per month between June and August, will make up the Scene Series including the iSPY Magazine Three Year Anniversary Party (June 22), the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair – iSPY Magazine Stage (July 17-20), and a show in August TBA. Your contributions and support in hitting our $5,000 goal will 100% go to the artists! In return we’ve set up some cool perks for you, in case the satisfaction of supporting the scene doesn’t swoon you enough to contribute.


Raise $5,000 to support artists and musicians for iSPY Magazine related events including our Three Year Anniversary Party, The Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair – iSPY Magazine Stage and a third event in August TBA.

Why Fund

First and foremost to do your part to support the scene. Chances are you either know someone who’s a musician trying to get by until their next gig OR you are that musician. iSPY Magazine wants to provide you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger and a chance to have an immediate, financial impact on the creative community in SE Michigan.


We’ve got all kinds of cool things we’re giving you for supporting the scene. You’ll have access to iSPY Magazine shows, photo shoots, will be mentioned in print and online (right here, below), get free music downloads, tons of iSPY Magazine swag and more. We’ve also got some 1 year memberships to The Ark, a few year long unlimited access passes to Woodruff’s and perks from other iSPY Magazine partners as well!

Why It Makes Sense

There are no hidden agendas and 100% of funding collected will go back to local artists and musicians. We (iSPY Magazine) do all the work, so the bands can focus on just making good music and putting on an awesome show. Execution of getting backers their perks, booking the bands, hosting and promoting the events, marketing the campaign and the series and all the other mundane  and monotonous things that create possible headaches for bands, iSPY Magazine will take on. YOU, the fan, just need to support and spread the love. If we surpass our goal, that only means more shows and more bands will get paid.


We’re going to be doing a lot of marketing throughout the month of June in support of our campaign. iSPY Magazine will print an ad and feature online ads at ispymagazine.co as well as feature online content. Radio promotion will be executed on 107.1fm Tree Town Sound and further marketing reach through the help from campaign sponsors and other valued partners of iSPY Magazine. A full social media campaign with a promotional video will be executed over the length of the campaign which will spread across several social networks covering print, online, social and radio.  BANDS – this is where you can do your part by just spreading the word to friends and family and at shows, the more you help the more likely we’ll hit our goal and you’ll be rewarded for it!

Questions? Feel free to email our publisher.