When waiting tables and working through an exhausting performance schedule wasn’t quite cutting it, Ann Arbor’s Anna Ash launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce her first full length. The result, “These Holy Days,” is polished to a perfect shine with strings, keys, horns and gospel choirs showing up on queue throughout the eleven tracks. It’s all just a little too neat – as beautiful as it is unsurprising. But the predictable production is really just a stage for Ash’s voice. She has a startling soprano which she controls with ease, often letting it flutter freely or resound with room-filling soul.

Occasionally bold, often playful and always charming, her voice is undoubtedly a ticket to bigger stages. The songs ring with a self-aware naïveté and youthful sentiment, with opening track “Just Like the Movies” setting the tone for the entire album. Making out in the rain, talking through relationships and managing butterflies are among topics of interest, but Ash has a nonchalant way of acknowledging the darker parts of life that brings to mind the style of Ingrid Michaelson. For the most part, this is a light and easy kind of album, as relatable and accessible as they come. But it’s only the sound of a talented artist making her first steps. Her concept is simple, but her voice is extraordinary.

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