If, like me, you grew up listening to Motown and thinking that The Temptations were singing about you in their song “My Girl,” then “How Do You Do” from Ann Arbor native Mayer Hawthorne (aka Haircut) will knock your socks off.

Hawthorne’s second major studio release, “How Do You Do” is the follow up to Hawthorne’s first album “A Strange Arrangement” (2009).  “How Do You Do” is consistently strong, beginning with some romantic R&B, and moving to upbeat 60s-inspired, danceable soul. You may have heard the album’s popular single, “The Walk,” on Ann Arbor’s 107.1 and thought it was a rediscovered gem from a bygone era (I did).  Hawthorne channels the fun, self-assured spirit of Motown while still keeping things modern (the song “Can’t Stop,” for example, features none other than Snoop D-O-Double G) enough to remind us that the year is, in fact, 2011.

This album provides much to be impressed by, including: Mayer Hawthorne’s vocal range, his grasp on his subject matter and what an important role is still played by the legacy of Motown.  If I could, I’d give “How Do You Do” six Water Towers, but I’ll just give it five and say (in CAPS so you know I mean it), LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM.

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