It’s rarity in any musical genre that an up-and-coming artist is able to cultivate a strong following without a record label or studio album to back them up. Though considering how Pittsburgh native Mac Miller has built his Most Dope empire thus far, it is pretty clear that he has been busy fostering the hype needed to make “Blue Slide Park” blow up on the charts. So far, he has put out a few mix tapes which have garnered the attention from vets in the game, as well as a debut on this year’s XXL Freshman Class list. It is no wonder that he is predicted to land a number one spot on the Billboard charts with an independent record – the first in nearly fifteen years.

With that being said, “Blue Slide Park” is a compilation where the content, for the most part, is based on partying and having a good time. There are more personal tracks that are interspersed between Miller’s “let’s get high” attitude, but they are few and far between. This isn’t to say that the album is lacking in quality. It should be taken into account that Miller bases his songwriting in what he knows – which is far more genuine than what some vets are tiredly turning out.

As a whole, the album offers up strong tracks – such as the homage to hip-hop history in “Party on 5th Ave,” the bass heavy sendoff to haters in “Smile Back” and the collapse of a relationship in the light of fame in “Missed Calls.” But it’s the overall production that really shines through on the album. I.D Lab (with contribution from Ritz Reynolds and Clams Casino) shows off their ability to create a stunning stage for Mac to play out his flow to.

Undoubtedly, Mac has potential to grow in his craft. But an album like this is just the first step in revealing what he is able to bring to the table.

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