With the release of her eighth album, “Biophilia,” Bjork has once again expanded her repertoire of avante garde musical creations. The ten track album was composed partly on an iPad and fuses technology, music and science. What takes the album a step further into what could be the “future” of music is its connection to Apple. Instead of having just mp3s or a CD available, “Biophilia” also has ten iPad apps that include not only the musical track, but essays and animation as well.

The album starts off with heavy Asian influences, both melodically and vocally, and then begins to enter new territory with the use of engineered instruments like gravity harps and gameleste. While it does take a strong approach to the natural world and how to convey it through music, it seems to be lacking anything solidly Bjork-like. Judging from the emphasis put on ingenuity and technology used, the actual music isn’t a focal point in the overall scheme of “Biophilia.” While  Bjork still manages to accomplish the production of an interesting album, it doesn’t display her talents as much as it exhibits the marriage of technology and music. If you’re into that sort of thing and you own an iPad or iPhone, then this will likely blow your mind. Otherwise, you’ll be left hanging, wondering what all the fuss is about.

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