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34th Annual Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Celebrating the diverse cultural history of our great city, the 34th Annual Ypsilanti Heritage Festival hits the shores of Riverside Park August 17 – 19. This year’s festival includes all the great traditions we’ve come t...
by David Nassar


Walk the Moon

Cincinnati-based indie rockers Walk the Moon have recently released their first studio album and, since signing with a big label, the success they’ve seen as an independent band has been on the rise. The popularity of Walk th...
by Mary Simkins



Midnights at the State

The State Theatre in Ann Arbor is a bona fide landmark and, along with the Michigan Theatre, is kind of the only game in town for independent and “art house” flicks. But the fact that they show movies with subtitles or that...
by Jasmine Zweifler


Ann Arbor Art Fair

The indisputable cultural tidal wave that sweeps Washtenaw County every year in mid-July is upon us once again. We all know it as the Ann Arbor Art Fair, but we also all have our own perspective on the experience. For some, it ...
by Jasmine Zweifler


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Townie Party

Townie Party

Summer is the prime time to gather with friends to enjoy warm evenings, good food and exciting events to come. If you had the chance do all this and also support the Ann Arbor Art Fair, why wouldn’t you? Well, Ann Arbor’s T...
by Jasmine Zweifler



Summer Beer Fest

Ypsi’s favorite festival turns 15 As temperatures rise and summer sets in on Yspi, those two magical words seem to follow me everywhere I go. Can you hear them? That’s right, I’m talkin’ about BEER FEST! July in Yps...
by David Nassar


EL-P and Killer Mike’s Latest Musings

This pair of rappers strike subversive into the cerebral – mad yet mindful, dark but not depressing.  If “Rap is dead,” as Killer Mike rhymed ten years back on his proper debut, then perhaps an Emcee’s best course ...
by Jeff Milo


Kelly Klever Massage
Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Ann Arbor Summer Survival Guide

Ann Arbor Summer Festival One of the largest summer events in Ann Arbor, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival runs until July 8. The highlight and your greatest challenge is Top of the Park, the festival of outdoor music, movies and o...
by Richard Retyi



Portable Beats

Adam Gray, a kid from Ypsi with a built in turntable. Raised in a musical household, Adam Gray, 18, learned to play drums and piano at a young age. It’s likely his parents had him singing from time to time as well, but his vo...
by Paul Kitti


Festival Hopping? Shop Local, YpsiArboroo

Chris Anderson’s turning 29 and wants to exit his 20’s like a boss. Or like Marvel super-spy Nick Fury – as he’s assembled what’s essentially the Arbor/Ypsi music scene equivalent to a valiantly unwieldy blockbuster a...
by Jeff Milo