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May 4, 2011 10:26 am

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Ann Arbor

Apr 18 2011 in Foodie by Amanda Slater

Earthen Jar and Seva Restaurant by Ryan M. Place Some meat-crazed Americans might associate vegetarianism and veganism with flavorless, meager meals—although this doesn’t have to be the case with the delicious veggie fare that places like Earthen Jar and Seva Restaurant in Ann Arbor have to offer. However, you don’t have to be a vegetarian [...]

The Travel “Bug”

Apr 18 2011 in Adventures in Local Food by Amanda Slater

Adventures in Local Food by Stefanie T. Stauffer As much as I love to travel, the most difficult part for me is the food. Travel used to provide an opportunity to try exotic and delicious foods, but more often now it just ends up meaning airports and restaurants near highways that are notorious for abundant [...]

Taste of the Month: Dominick’s

Mar 22 2011 in Foodie, Scene by Tim Adkins (admin)


by Ryan M. Place Dominick’s has been an Ann Arbor institution for over 50 years. Not only is Dominick’s an outdoor eatery with an excellent patio in a great location, but it’s a three-level funhouse of cultural artifacts, ample seating and wonderful people—and it’s probably the closest thing to an authentic Italian café that I’ve [...]

Adventures in Local Food #4

Mar 22 2011 in Adventures in Local Food by Tim Adkins (admin)

Scene.Adventures in Local Food4

Rustbelt Revival! by Stefanie T. Stauffer I know what you’re thinking. We’ve seen a whole lot of critique about government policy and the state of our food system here in the land of local food adventures. From the Food Safety Modernization Act to the USDA deregulation of genetically-modified round-up ready alfalfa, sugar beets and biofuel [...]

Introducing Café Ollie

Feb 21 2011 in Foodie by Tim Adkins (admin)


Features Vegan and Vegetarian Offerings, Live Music and More by Adrienne Ziegler When Danielle Schwerin and Mark Teachout opened Café Ollie, they had no idea just how busy they would be. Schwerin and Teachout opened the coffee house and café on Feb. 1 in Depot Town in the same space where Café Luwak used to [...]

Adventures in Food #3

Feb 20 2011 in Adventures in Local Food by Tim Adkins (admin)

Scene.Adventures in Local Food 3_touchedup

Infinite Green Tomatoes by Stefanie T. Stauffer Ok. So last time we spoke about the Food Safety Modernization Act (S510) and how its passage will have adetrimental impact on the local economy, environment, and our health (not to mention on the food system itself). Specifically, we saw that although industrial food production is a root [...]

Harvest Kitchen

Feb 20 2011 in Depot Town Rag, Foodie by Tim Adkins (admin)


Innovative prepared foods program expands to Depot Town facility By Tom Dodd Harvest Kitchen, a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, has received a $28,603 grant from the US Department of Agriculture and leased new kitchen space that will allow the company to increase capacity, work with more area farmers, and develop new farm-to-consumer distribution channels. Founded [...]

Cafe Ollie

Jan 26 2011 in Foodie, Snap Shot by Tim Adkins (admin)


Stopped in today for lunch. It was good. I liked the vibe and the food was great.

Adventures in Local Food #2

Jan 12 2011 in Adventures in Local Food by Tim Adkins (admin)

Nightshade Army Industries Sauces

Driving Us Underground? by Stefanie T. Stauffer As we left our heroine in our last installment, we were trying to expose the fear of food at the heart of thebureaucratic challenges undermining our ability to chose to eat local. It was a fear that became even more pervasive in late December when the Food Safety [...]

Flat Top Grill, DIY Stir Fry in A2

Jan 12 2011 in Foodie by Tim Adkins (admin)


Something for Everyone by Ryan M. Place General Manager Marc Miller, Manager Matt Thacker and roughly 45 employees are holding down the newlyopened Flat Top Grill for your enjoyment. Located on Washtenaw, west of Huron Parkway in the Huron Village shopping complex, Flat Top offers fresh ingredients, homemade sauces, great service and a wonderful atmosphere [...]