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February 15, 2011 5:17 am

Jake Ousley Brings Southern Charm to Ann Arbor

Feb 7 2011 in Sneak Peek by Amanda Slater

by Amanda Slater When asked to describe his music, Jake Ousley’s first response is “Neo-polka” …followed up by a quick, “just kidding.” The truth is that Ousley’s music probably falls closer to country or simple “singer-songwriter” music than neo-polka, but, whether or not his particular type of music is your typical cup of tea, it’s [...]


Jan 17 2011 in Sneak Peek by Tim Adkins (admin)

“Some of the songs reduce blood pressure, others do the complete opposite—try to give you a heart attack.”

by Ryan M. Place Local psychedelic band whisks listeners away on an introspective journey. Sitting in drummer Roy Elturk’s living room in Ferndale and drinking delicious mint tea with Detroit band Oblisk, we kick the ballistics on their visionary music.  This experimental quartet, consisting of frontman and principal songcrafter Asim Akhtar on vocals and guitar, [...]

Living in the Expanded Bandwidth

Jan 12 2011 in Sneak Peek by Tim Adkins (admin)


The Life and Times of Ann Arbor Poet Extraordinaire, Larry Francis by Ryan M. Place iSPY: “What would you say your distinguishing trait is, if you have one?” Francis: “Mirth.” iSPY: “What demands top priority for you?” Francis: “Whimsy.” When I caught up with Larry Francis, I found him drinking Red Snapper out of a [...]

“Four Seasons,” “Growing Up” and “Memory”

Jan 12 2011 in Sneak Peek by Tim Adkins (admin)


Winter Exhibitions at Ypsilanti’s Riverside Arts Center by Ryan M. Place The thing I like most about Ypsilanti’s Riverside Arts Center is the lack of “artsy-fartsy” pretentiousness thatinfects most art galleries, subsequently alienating the general population by attracting a small group of smug, self-satisfied art snobs. RAC is beautifully different in that it’s an open, all-inclusive [...]

Ann Arbor Folk Festival

Jan 10 2011 in Features, Sneak Peek by Tim Adkins (admin)


This Year’s Festival Features The Avett Brothers, Citizen Cope, The Swell Season by Adrienne Ziegler What started as a fundraiser in 1977 to boost support for the non-profit music venue, The Ark, has grown to be a staple in the Ann Arbor community. The Ann Arbor Folk Festival rings in 34 years of great folk [...]

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