iSPY something to do in Washtenaw County
February 15, 2011 5:17 am

Cafe Ollie

Jan 26 2011 in Foodie, Snap Shot by Tim Adkins (admin)


Stopped in today for lunch. It was good. I liked the vibe and the food was great.

Adventures in Local Food #2

Jan 12 2011 in Foodie by Tim Adkins (admin)

Nightshade Army Industries Sauces

Driving Us Underground? by Stefanie T. Stauffer As we left our heroine in our last installment, we were trying to expose the fear of food at the heart of thebureaucratic challenges undermining our ability to chose to eat local. It was a fear that became even more pervasive in late December when the Food Safety [...]

Flat Top Grill, DIY Stir Fry in A2

Jan 12 2011 in Foodie by Tim Adkins (admin)


Something for Everyone by Ryan M. Place General Manager Marc Miller, Manager Matt Thacker and roughly 45 employees are holding down the newlyopened Flat Top Grill for your enjoyment. Located on Washtenaw, west of Huron Parkway in the Huron Village shopping complex, Flat Top offers fresh ingredients, homemade sauces, great service and a wonderful atmosphere [...]

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