iSPY something to do in Washtenaw County
February 15, 2011 7:50 am

Matt Jones

Jan 11 2011 in A Day in the Life by Tim Adkins (admin)

The first video in this series features a local singer/songwriter, Matt Jones and Lacey Lake, from Matt Jones and the Reconstruction. Matt suggested we shoot in his back yard because he had a hovercraft. Yes, an actual working hovercraft. We shared a few stories, talked Springsteen, battled the rain, had a couple Two Hearted Ales, [...]


Jan 11 2011 in A Day in the Life by Tim Adkins (admin)

It’s simple, ‘A Day in the Life’ is a music series that’s recorded in an intimate setting with an iPhone. No microphones, no light kits, just the artist and their music in a natural environment. Formerly known as Mahoney, iamdynamite is made up of the Chris’s (Martin and Phillips). Together they put together one of [...]

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