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Drink of the Week: Samichlaus

Works Every Time When I think of a “malt liquor”, I generally think of King Cobra, St. Ides and Colt .45. I generally do not think of a dopplebock brewed in Austria. But because of a high alcohol by volume, this week’s �...
by Patty Smith

Drink of the week - Penicillin

Drink of the Week: The Penicillin

When I was first discovering Scotch whisky, my guide to the magical elixir gave me a tasting tip. “With Scotch,” she said, “you need 3 sips to really get the full flavor. Don’t judge it until after the t...
by Tammy Coxen



Drink of the Week: Produce Station gives you FREE beer on Fridays!

Two of my favorite words are “free” and “beer”. When you put those two sweet words together, you can almost guarantee I am going to show up. So that is how I found myself at the Produce Station this past Friday, samplin...
by Patty Smith

Drink of the Week: Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve Bourbon // Photo by Tammy Coxen

Drink of the Week: Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve Bourbon

Pappy Van Winkle is one of the holy grails of cult bourbon.  Quantities are extremely limited and highly allocated, so when a bar or store gets some in, it disappears quickly. Fortunately for Ann Arbor-Ypsi bourbon lovers, The...
by Tammy Coxen


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