Taqueria La Fiesta

The Dish: Taco Tour Take 2

Since tacos make everything better, in the first installment we highlighted the authentic, made from scratch flavors of TMAZ taqueria and panaderia. To continue our taco tour for this second installment, I’m keeping with ...
by Stefanie Stauffer


Adventures in Local Food #32: Garden “Tourism”

Garden season is in full swing here in Michigan. So that means my favorite part of the summer is upon us, the time for urban garden tours. There will be no Tour de Fresh in Ypsilanti this year as Growing Hope is focusing their ...
by Stefanie Stauffer



The Bar: Art Fair Edition

Skip the Art Fair crowds and head to the bar We all love to hate the Ann Arbor Art Fairs. And with good reason – the town’s overrun with tourists, parking is dismal and there’s all that “art” on sticks. Many of our lo...
by Tammy and Patti


The Dish: TMAZ Taqueria

If you’re like me, you believe that tacos make everything better! Luckily for us, there are now numerous places to get your taco fix in Washtenaw County. So why not make a summer taco tour of it to uncover the most delect...
by Stefanie Stauffer


Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Adventures in Local Food #31

Agricultural Mythologies Since April I’ve spent about 3.5 weeks in California, the land of culinary contradictions. There is some amazing food in California, it’s true – and you better believe that I was eating ev...
by Stefanie Stauffer



Drink of the Week: Bartender’s Blessing

This riff on an Old Fashioned from Vellum features rum in place of the usual whiskey. In particular, Scarlet Ibis rum, a product originally created just for the bar Death & Co in NYC. Now widely available, the rum provides ...
by Tammy and Patti


Drink of the Week: Beet Around the Bush

With its brilliant yellow color and hopeful demeanor, the Beet Around the Bush cocktail at Vellum makes me think of a spring daffodil. It’s a great drink for the season; bright, refreshing and balanced. The centerpiece of the...
by Tammy and Patti


Taste of Ann Arbor

Taste of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has been getting national press for being a nice town. One reason for this is that we do the simple things well. Everyone knows that life feels good when you are well fed on nutritious ingredients, and I’m doing my ...
by Ross Huff


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 6.44.28 PM

Adventures in Local Food #30

To Market Have you ever felt like there were so many great farmer’s markets in the Ypsi Arbor area that you wish you could get to them all? Have you noticed the exponential increase in Washtenaw County farmer’s markets in t...
by Stefanie Stauffer

Bill's Beer Garden

The Dish: Bill’s Beer Garden

Parking lot by day, community gathering place by night, Bill’s Beer Garden is an Ann Arbor original. Once the cars exit, the lot transforms into a relaxed beer garden, complete with open-air seating areas and direct access to...
by Stefanie Stauffer