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Rock, Reading and Writing – S’Mittenfest!

20 bands, three stages, one great cause More people needed to experience Mittenfest. Last year’s annual end-of-year music festival spanned five days and stirred a surge of good cheer and charity. The scene’s camaraderie chu...
by Jeff Milo


Camera Obscura’s Drive and Desire

Gavin Dunbar admits “…it’s been a long time coming.” The bassist for Glasgow-based indie-pop outfit Camera Obscura sounds as anxious as any fan, sighing with relief regarding their latest album, “Desire Lines” �...
by Jeff Milo



Ann Arbor Summer Festival — Last Chance!

Digi-Town-Cryer calling: Next week leads us into Fourth of July Weekend and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival will be winding down. If you haven’t gone yet, this would be an ideal time. That’s insipidly-bloggish and perhaps a p...
by Jeff Milo


No Better Time Than Now (Shigeto, Gregory McIntosh and More)

Happy mid-June, everybody. Before I get to my usual meandering music-essay, I’ll cut to the chase and stream some new music for you below… Shigeto’s back – good news to all Ann Arbor enthusiasts of ambient electro-trips...
by Jeff Milo


Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Drunken Barn Dance – Sequoia EP

How to say this… “Quickly, decisively, loose…natural… “ Those were Scott Sellwood’s words from five years ago answering to describe his approach to songwriting via Drunken Barn Dance. “As the midnight plans mature...
by Jeff Milo



The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit – a local Compilation

“Hallelujah…” There’s this portrait, a bit rough around the edges, snapped in the heat of the moment; a montage of modern music buzzing around Detroit. You can enjoy these Pathetic sounds in two ways – crank the trans...
by Jeff Milo



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Bottom Line: 4 / 5 - Very Good
by Jeff Milo


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Pathetic Sounds of Detroit

The camaraderie is undeniable. Bands working together and supporting each other – there’s such a strong sense of community. I know you’ve heard that touchy-feely refrain in lots of write-ups in zines covering local scene,...
by Jeff Milo



Nightlife — Days In Other Days

After all the run-around / Just trying to come back down and meet you… This band’s brewing way too delicious a brand of dance-pop for them to be veiled by such a maddeningly unGoogle-able name… I like it though. I mean, t...
by Jeff Milo


MOVEMENT: ADULT. – Phantasmagoria – Chrome Sparks – Daft Punk

Movement: Words: Jeff Milo Dance moves: Jeff Milo Writing about music can be invigorating and unnerving all at once. I’m forced to stand up while writing this, headphones plugged into a dying laptop that’s set onto a high e...
by Jeff Milo



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