Toro y Moi makes waves in Detroit

Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Chaz Bundick has been toying with various musical projects since early adolescence. Having spent his formative years playing in punk and indie rock acts, his protean Toro Y Moi proje...
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I Love You

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Bottom Line: 3 / 5 - Above Average
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Stepdad Helps Ring in Three Years of iSPY Magazine

Stepdad specializes in catchy, electronic pop – upbeat, danceable, fun stuff that’s both perfect for a dance party and as background music for day to day life. The former Chicago-based outfit now calls Grand Rapids, Mich ho...
by Amanda Slater

Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius Travels the World

Atlas Genius first perked up our ears with their catchy single, “Trojans,” that catapulted them from obscurity into the spotlight. However, their success shouldn’t be attributed to simply luck. Brothers Keith and Michael ...
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Get Ready for some ADULT. Entertainment

A Few ADULT. Facts: - Kuperus is a photographer and Miller is a painter. – ADULT. Premiered a silent experimental short horror film called “Decampment” at the DIA in 2008. They also took it to the Anthology Film Archi...
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Bottom Line: 4 / 5 - Very Good
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Family of the Year

Most bands function like a family, but Family of the Year takes that feeling a step further. Joseph Keefe, Sebastian Keefe, Christina Schroeter, James Buckey and Alex Walker make up this Los Angeles outfit (although the band’...
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Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Start a Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot bassist Mathieu Santos is just like you. Sure, he is a member of a hip indie band and gets to make a career out of traveling the world and sharing his music with fans who pay to hear him play it. But, if you put all ...
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Getting Back to Roots with The Steel Wheels

“The people in Ann Arbor and around the country know the Ark doesn’t book crap, so it’s an honor to be there and play. The audience comes there expecting a certain level. It’s an affirmation of the artist, but it’s al...
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A Silent Film Quietly Wows Detroit

On February 12, A Silent Film quietly came to town. It was a Tuesday night when they set up shop at the Shelter in Detroit. The streets were empty and without the usual pre-show bustle, which might have lead some to believe tha...
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Ypsilanti Heritage Festival