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May 7, 2013

Synth Wizards Return: Champions of Breakfast Wednesday at Woodruff’s


You thought they were goners, but the Champs came back. They just couldn’t stay away.

A lot’s changed since the Champions of Breakfast regularly wielded their salacious swords on our local stages, discharging lascivious laser beams in curious displays of 22nd-centurian medieval vaudeville. Their cheeky, transcendent presentations often launched the duo, Val Hundreds and Moses Jackson, into an outerspace-y ambiance, all whispery R&B style into their radio communicators as they meticulously punched in coordinates on their korgs and synths in the cockpits, reaching lightspeed into libidinous hyperdrive and belting their creamy croons of blushing prurience and intricate innuendo.

Something like that…Deep-Space Disco: Cardboard astronaut knight-errants

Their origins are intentionally obfuscated but they sure seemed to hang around Ann Arbor and Flint lot. Ye Olde’ Elbow Room was almost like the round table for these two (un)fashionable knights.

Their music is also “somewhat of an enigma,” says keyboardist/vocalist Moses Jackson. Their dance-encouraging synth-pop romps are reflections of the duo’s passion for life, as well as accounts of their adventures.

Did I forget to mention that this duo, sporting disco-haircuts, mysterious sunglasses, macho facial hair and filmy falsettos are strumming cardboard guitars. Their boxy synths aren’t plugged in and they are actually just boxes, adorned with magic marker-drawn keys and dials. Its their own version of additive manufacturing, (er, 3-D printing).

“Everyone takes themselves too seriously,” Jackson says. “We look at life as an awesome game or epic quest where we just take everything to the next level.” Instrument construction is currently entering it’s “next level” as well. Synth-banjo? They’ll forge it.

Vocalist/keyboardist Val Hundreds harkens a hippie-ish vibe when he insists that they’re merely here to bring love and happiness into your life. “There’s no reason any day could not be the best day of your life. We bring out what you have inside and allow you to express it in the most radical ways…” That radical way, namely, is their brand of dance-pop.

“It’s like we never left,” Hundreds says, looking back three years to their most recent album – Taming the Digital Frontier. The following “hiatus” helped them find themselves—Now, we have a new Champions song to groove to:

“I actually went off the grid and lived in the Alps for a good chunk of that time off,” Jackson claims. “I spent most of the time meditating and grew a brutal cave beard. The journey of rock n’ roll has only started for the Champions…”

They played Churchill’s in “the great city of Flint,” nine months prior. They’re honored that Joel Rash (of Flint Local 432) has booked them in that area for several performances. Now, the plan is to spread back into the scene like magical wildfire, and soon after head out on a tour.

What does the future possibly hold for these two dance dealers?

“Nothing but positive vibes,” Hundreds assures. “Positive vibes and rock n’ roll music. We’ve been gone for a long time and now that we’ve gotten the taste of blood, we want nothing more then to jam out our mystical sex rock for the people.”

Wednesday, Hundreds expects, “is going to be a rager. Full-on. Crazy, insane dance party.”

Still the same old Champions, then, it sounds like… We’ll see…

DOORS AT: 9:00 PM // STARTS AT: 10:00 PM //
COVER: $5.00

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