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January 29, 2012

Christopher Norman


Ann Arbor’s Christopher Norman is a busy man. Recently, he won a spot to play for the Folk the Police festival, remixed one of our favorite DJ’s Chrome Sparks as well as Metric and has played all the bigger venues throughout the mitten as well as The Blind Pig and PJ’s Lager House. After DJing, being a producer, singer and songwriter, Norman has been working patiently at his four self-produced EPs, named “EP 1,” “EP 2,” “EP 3” and “EP 4.” But it seems to be paying off. In fact, we even selected “EP 2” as one of the Best Albums of 2011. This piece is quite a collaboration, as it gives plenty of new faces the opportunity to display their talents, such as backing vocalists David Call and Casey Clark, accompanied with cello from Rena Jones as well as viola and violin played by Kevin Amidon. Songs to keep a watchful ear for are “The Fall,” “Maps” and “Fever.”

“I have a couple of collaborations in the works, too. I’m doing some super exciting guest vocal spots. I don’t want to ruin any surprises yet, though. […] It’s definitely going to be a busy year.”

According to Norman’s Twitter, he is back in the studio to make the final completions for “EP3,” which will see the light of day this February. Recently we got the chance to catch up with him for a bit to discuss this and more.

When did you start playing music?

I started with piano lessons at age five or so – that kick started a whole world of music awesomeness. I picked up a guitar in college, so I had something to sing to when I didn’t have a piano. I was just starting to produce music then, and after a while I just ended up just doing both things at the same time.

Who are some of your influences?
Jamie Lidell comes to mind instantly. Depeche Mode is a biggie, too. Lykke Li, Little Dragon, Bloodshy and Avant …I listen to lots of Swedish pop, so that inevitably percolates its way out.

You said “EP 3” is nearing completion. When will that be released?
“EP 3” is almost done! I’ll be setting a date in the next week or so, but I’m aiming for mid to late February. The new single, “Connect Me,” will be out any day now! This EP is going to be five tracks. I’m super pumped.

As for shows, how many dates have you booked and will you be coming to the Mitten during that time?
I’m playing PJ’s Lager House in Detroit tonight, then the Blind Pig next Saturday as a part of the Folk the Police show. I live in Ann Arbor, so I’m doing random little shows in the area all the time. I’m still organizing a few dates around the “EP 3” release, but I’ll definitely be playing Woodruff’s at that time.

What other projects are you working on besides your solo effort? Any collaborations?
After a year of straight solo material, I need to get out of my own head. Once I wrap the EP, I’m putting on my engineer hat to do some mix and production work on an album for Hopscotch, an up and coming artist in the California Bay Area. I have a couple of collaborations in the works, too. I’m doing some super exciting guest vocal spots. I don’t want to ruin any surprises yet, though – it’s still a little too soon to tell. Maybe an album is on the horizon. It’s definitely going to be a busy year.

 Norman’s six track installment from his EP series can be downloaded online for a mere $4, and “EP 2” can be streamed at

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