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August 24, 2011

September Storms are Gathering


Daytrotter’s Barnstormer brings a new lineup to Dexter

For anyone lucky enough to have attended Daytrotter’s Barnstormer in Michigan last April, you know that chill fans, friendly musicians and – that’s right – the charming venue of an old wooden barn make for a spectacular night of timeless revelry. To those who missed out in the spring, stop crying. Daytrotter is bringing an all-new lineup to the same beautiful Lakeview Farms Barn in Dexter for another Barnstormin’ good time on September 1.

Daytrotter is a music website that goes beyond suggesting songs or bands you might like. Every day a different touring band holds a Daytrotter Session, laying down a few tracks at The Horseshack studio before getting back on the road. As stated in the website’s mission statement: “we’re giving you […] tracks by some of your favorite bands and by a lot of your next favorite bands.”

One of the beauties of the Barnstormer Tour is the way in which Daytrotter creator Sean Moeller hand-selects a lineup of artists with differing styles but a common vibe. The tone of the Barnstormer is a relaxed one: the bands are friends with each other and the audience, sound snafus are taken in stride and nobody leaves disappointed. Though the lineup varies slightly between locations, September’s stop in Dexter will feature performances by White Rabbits, Doug Paisley, Wildlife, Princeton and Hacienda. It’s okay if you haven’t heard of all of these bands – in fact, it’s better because you might just leave the barn with a new favorite band.

Barnstormer has to sell 1,500 tickets by August 20. That means if you purchase your ticket at before August 20, you’ll get a free Barnstormer poster (not available for sale at shows) and 40% off Barnstormer merchandise. Tickets are $20 if purchased in advance or $25 at the door.

Check out sessions with Barnstormer artists White Rabbits, Doug Paisley, Wildlife, Princeton and Hacienda at

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Vienna Teng at The Power Center


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