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May 16, 2011

Black Jake and The Carnies

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A few weeks back, prior to their tour in Europe, Black Jake and the Carnies played a sold out show at Circus in Ann Arbor. Prior to the show, the guys were gracious enough to perform acoustic for me on the balcony outside, above the streets of downtown Ann Arbor. The vocals are a little hard to grasp, but with 6 instruments jammin’ just a few feet from my iPhone, it’s the best I could do. Still sounds great and guaranteed to get your feet moving wherever you’re listening at. Ps. Make that 7 instruments, we had some help from the train. Listen for it on Old E. Cross.

Black Jake and the Carnies from iSPY Magazine on Vimeo.

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  1. Black Jake and The Carnies are awesomeness and great guys to boot, although that Mark guy is a little shifty. :P

  2. This is freakin awesome…you filmed it on a balcony?! Timboslice does it again!

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