Violent Torpedo Coming to Fox

Mar 22 2011 in Sneak Peek by Tim Adkins (admin)

Charlie Sheen Live….

by Amanda Slater

If you’re a b-grade actor who is in a slump, here’s a recipe to jolt your career back to life. First, do a lot of drugs. Second, commit a series of violent offenses as a result of your drug-induced stupors. Third, say a lot of crazy stuff in defense of your outrageous behavior. Fourth, make sure all of this is televised—and, if not, be sure that you get some kind of attention by calling in to numerous radio shows. Sooner or later people will pick up on the fact that you’re a loose cannon, and you’ll transform your dead-end acting gig on a boring sitcom to a one-man show that is capable of selling out the Fox Theatre in 15 minutes.

If none of that sounds logical to you, then you’re obviously a lot less creative than Charlie Sheen. Although he may not be the best actor on TV, he’s certainly one of the smartest when it comes to using even the worst circumstances to his advantage and living out the saying that “all PR is good PR.” When he unexpectedly announced his own live show, entitled “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option,” it became clear that, although Sheen might be crazy, he is also cashing in on his sudden ultra-celebrity status. Sheen will “perform” in Detroit on April 2 at the Fox Theatre. And, by the sounds of the show’s title, not only is Sheen completely aware of what he’s doing, but he’s milking it for all it’s worth. All we can say is, “winning.”

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