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January 12, 2011

Kick Some App – Evernote

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Written by: Tim Adkins
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5 out of 5 Water Towers

By Tim Adkins

It’s no secret, I like free stuff. And what I like even more than free stuff is free stuff that makes my life easier. Evernote is both, and I more than like it—I love it. I’m always on the go and having to remember things …lots of things. Evernote allows me to easily keep track of everything, everywhere.

When I take a note in a meeting using Evernote, it automatically syncs with my computer, and the note is now there. When I take a note on my computer, it automatically syncs to my iPhone. No emailing, no waiting for things to load, no having to lug my computer or messy, unorganized notebooks around. All I need is Evernote. Take a picture or voice note and it syncs the same way!

Evernote also allows you to create separate notebooks for different projects to stay organized and works with a ton of apps that are Evernote friendly. While Evernote is free, there are also Premium and Sponsored accounts that are available for a monthly fee.

Why this kicks app:

I recently had a meeting in Ann Arbor. Before I left my office, I dropped a 24 page pdf into Evernote. When I got to my meeting, I was able to open, view and go through the entire pdf, collaborating with someone else all from my phone. It was awesome.

About the Author

Tim Adkins
Tim Adkins
Tim is the publisher of iSPY and co-founder of Pakmode Media + Marketing. He's a social, vegetarian geek who recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into his family. For any questions or suggestions in regards to design, ad sales, web, content or anything at all related to iSPY, Tim's your guy.

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  1. I’m excited to try this app. I’m really getting the hang of this smart phone business.

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